Hey there, we’re Marc & Jenn! And we’re on an amazing adventure of getting back to our roots! But it’s more than just planting veggies and collecting eggs. It’s about tapping into what nature freely offers and breaking free from the never-ending rush of modern life. We’re not just aiming to be self-sufficient; we’re here to build a life that echoes the timeless wisdom of those who came before us. Are you in? Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into a life that’s real, connected, and full of the kind of joy that only comes from living close to the land.

Let’s Connect!

Come along as we dive headfirst into the raw and real world of getting back to basics. We’re all about keeping it 100% genuine – the ups, the downs, and everything in between. No sugar-coating here, just straight talk and real experiences. We’re on a mission to learn valuable life lessons, not just chase picture-perfect snapshots. So, let’s cut through the clutter and thrive together. Are you with us?